Trump: Joe Biden Is Going To Be Back at ‘1% Joe’

‘We are going to a very interesting election’


TRUMP: “But no, I really think that — and just to finish out on this subject, I have to say I really believe that we are going to have a very interesting election. I think Biden is shot, he was shot from the beginning. I used to call him 1% Joe, remember, 1%, because two times, but really it was three, but two times, when he really gave it his best, he was at less than 1%."
GERALDO: "Running for office."
TRUMP:" Yeah. And if you look, running for Ohio office, running for president, he was at less — I call him 1% Joe and he's going to be back at 1% Joe. You know, it's amazing that he faded fast but, you know, he had the whole thing of the vice presidency for eight years and I thought, you know, in a certain way he was a good vice president because Obama got along with him. I think one of the biggest things that happened, one of the big tell-tale signs of trouble was when Obama wouldn't endorse him early on, and that was a strange — to me it was strange. I understand sometimes they don't, but to me it was strange."  

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