Klobuchar Says She Would Raise the Death Tax, Claims It Will Produce $100 Billion for K-12

‘You change it back to where it was, you get over a $100 billion’

KLOBUCHAR: "That's what we're going to have. So we have to look at how do we match your education system with that economy. So this is what I think you to do. One, investment in K–12 big time, right? So that people are on an even playing field.
(Cheering and Applause)
And by the way, you know how we do this? We just take the estate tax. During Obama's time there was this exemption for $3.5 million. Trump put it up to $11 million. You change that back to where it was, you get over $100 billion that you can put in K–12 right there."

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