Vagina Monologues’ Eve Ensler: ‘Women’s Bodies Are the Landscape on Which So Much Violence Is Inflicted’

‘We are seeing this across the globe’


ENSLER: “So in some places indigenous people are rising for land rights that corporations are taking for drilling. In some places, like last week, we rose in New York against Governor Cuomo for one fair wage. We rose with restaurant workers who are still living on tip wages and are facing some of the highest rates of sexual abuse, In villages in Zimbabwe they're rising with tribal leaders who are now beginning to understand that violence against women must be part of the discourse and they must change basic cultural ways. So we’re seeing this incredible diversity of risings but the solidarity in terms of the fact that we know that women’s bodies are the landscape on which so much violence is inflicted, whether it’s the violence literally of rape, of harassment, of incest, of battery, or if it’s the abuse of poverty, abuse of denigration of migrant rights, the denigration of workers' right, the denigration of LGBTQ rights. We’re seeing this across the globe.”

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