Eve Ensler: ‘We Can’t Be Addressing Violence Against Women Unless We’re Addressing Climate Change’

‘An also how we feel about women’s bodies is so much how we feel about the Earth’


ENSLER: “And I think one of the things we’re seeing, we’ve even changed our mission this year, which is V-Day is now about ending violence against all women and girls and the Mother Earth because we understand that we can’t be addressing violence against women unless we're addressing climate crisis. And also how we feel about women’s bodies is so much how we feel about the earth. The same raping, the same pillaging, the same taking without permission, the same not thinking of long-term consequences of our violence. And I think if we look what’s happened to the movement over the last eight years, it’s organically understood that you can’t and violence against women without addressing all the attending issues. You can’t do it without addressing morbid inequality of wealth and capitalism.”

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