Rep. Tlaib on Trump’s ‘Racist’ Plan for a Palestinian State: He’s Trying to ‘Legalize Theft’

‘It’s very demonizing, the way the president and even his son-in-law and others have depicted Palestinians’


TLAIB: “But even just, you know, fighting right now in my own backyard against unconstitutional taking of people's homes by over-assessing their homes and everything, there's so many connectivity there to buy what the current president is pushing forward and trying to basically legalize theft for so many the Palestinian families that are left there. I can tell you, you know, for me, what's really critically important for people to understand, that with all these terminologies, with colleagues always asking me what does occupation mean, I want listeners to know, you know, what the human impact is of taking people's land, taking people's livelihood away from them. And this plan just continues to dig into that approach to what's happening in Palestine and Israel.”

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