CNN’s Berman Rubs Trump’s Nose in Barr Criticism: ‘Saying the Baby Can’t Use His Cell’

‘That’s what they’re saying, and I don’t think over the next few hours the president’s going to be able to stand that’


BERMAN: "I think this is one of the interesting things that will develop over the next 24 hours. The White House says the President is okay with this. As a political proposition, I bet he is. Because this was good politics. It put out a fire. However, the way that Bill Barr and the way that Mitch McConnell are now talking about the President in public — I have to read this because I have trouble. Infantilization — the infantilization of the president, I don’t think he will be able to take it. They’re basically saying the baby can’t use his cell phone. We have to take the cell phone away from the baby. That’s what they’re saying. And I don’t think over the next few hours the President will be able to stick to it."

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