MSNBC Guest: Barr ‘Genuinely Upset’ Because Trump Making It Harder to Protect Him

‘I think he probably was, you know, genuinely a little bit irritated and feels like the rug’s been pulled out from under him’


WITTES: "Yeah. I want to come back to Bill Barr, because I think I can settle the dispute between the other panelists over him. Look, I think Bill Barr was probably genuinely upset, because what Bill Barr wants is to carry the President’s water on matters like Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, on which he appears to have done basically the same thing with respect to sentencing, and not have the President shine a light on it in public and embarrass him. What the President did here was Barr, you know, was doing something pretty awful on his behalf, internally overruling career prosecutors after they had filed a brief, and the President comes in and says, 'Hey, look, everybody. Bill Barr is — is, you know, turning the Justice Department on its head.' And that is not the kind of scrutiny that you want if you’re the Attorney General doing — doing what Barr is doing.” 

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