Meacham: People Must Decide If They ‘Want a President Picking on Judges, Trying To Change Cases?’

‘... try to overturn a verdict unilaterally and try to postpone an election?’


MEACHAM: “I’ve been basically optimistic for almost four years now that I would take James Madison over Twitter. I’m less so now, as things go on. There were a number of Republicans I thought would stand up at the last possible moment and say 'Enough,' and as you've played the Congressman Jeffries statement, you have this remarkable moment where the train is blowing past, rapidly. And what folks are going to have to decide at a certain point is, do you want a president picking on judges, trying to change cases? The two things, my two check boxes that we’re going to be break-the-glass kind of emergencies were going to be, will he try to remove a judge, will he ever try to overturn a verdict unilaterally, and would he try to postpone an election? These were the two things to watch out for. And he’s getting awfully close on the first."

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