Lawrence Jones: Bloomberg’s ‘Stop and Frisk’ Comments Hurt Relationship Between Cops, Blacks

‘The fact that he said these are the criminals, minorities, men, young men, I don’t think he can apologize for that’


JONES: "Listen, when I talk to people of Harlem, they could see there's crime and violence going on in the neighborhood. They needed help. But the way that he went about it — and the people that criticize stop-and-frisk, this is what people felt like they were thinking in the back of their head to begin with. So not only did he hurt the cause of fighting crime, but what he hurt is the relationship between the black community and the police. There is a better way to community police. When you are talking with neighbor, talking with people down the street, and these are the cops that I grew up with in Dallas, Texas, you see where the crime is. You don’t have to stop and frisk everyone that’s in the neighborhood. They will tell you because they don’t want the violent criminals in their neighborhood anyway."

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