FBN’s Regan: Media Claims Buttigieg Isn’t a Socialist, But in Truth He’s a Sanders Mini-Me

‘Pete Buttigieg is a younger shinier model of Bernie Sanders’


REGAN: “I think the Electoral College has run its course. Trish: Amazing, yet pre-predictable. Be rrp wrote his high school essay and won an award for it about how great Bernie Sanders is. Buttigieg is a socialist. You look at his policies you can see them all right here, free college, decriminalizing illegals, decriminallight meth, eliminate death penalty. Pete Buttigieg is a younger shinier model of Bernie Sanders. We don’t want socialism no matter how shiny and new the package comes in. Don’t be fooled by the media’s attempt to spin mayor peept into something he’s not. America will never want him because we are capitalists.”

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