Tucker: None of the Dem Candidates Can Beat Bernie Sanders

‘Hating the media has pretty much the only thing that all Americans still have in common at this point’


CARLSON: “Exactly. Maybe you felt this way. Whatever the cable news yet purse are against, I am poor. For years the Washington press corps has attacked Donald Trump for inciting Hayes hate against the media. Hating the media has pretty much the only thing that all Americans still have in common at this point. Democrat and Republican, socialist unites us as a nation and by the way, it is well-deserved, not accidental. They are dishonest and self-righteous at the same time. Don’t try that at home, it is hard but they pulled that that off. Trumpian Sanders don’t pause that hatred but just take advantage of it and why wouldn’t they. And so now the votes been counted the democratic establishment use the final and desperate phase of their response to Sanders, lying about what tonight’s results mean. So this morning the DNC’s payroll, I don’t think it was disclosed to viewers but she has explains it Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire you should not be impressed by the victory. She speaking to Democrats, a child could win New Hampshire. The real here, she said, the thing you want to be celebrating is the potential third-place victory by Amy Klobuchar, watch.”

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