Rep. Katie Porter Asks the Fed’s Powell Who He Talked to While at Jeff Bezos Party

‘What did you talk about?’

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PORTER: "Recently. Can you imagine how attending a lavish party at Jeff Bezos’s $23 million home along with Jared and Ivanka and the CEO of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon might give off the sense to the public that you are not, in fact, immune from external pressures?"

POWELL: "I would certainly hope not."

PORTER: "What did you talk about at that party with them?"

POWELL: "I didn’t talk to any of the people you named."

PORTER: "You didn't talk to anybody?"

POWELL: "I didn’t talk to any of the people you named."

PORTER: "Can you tell me who you did talk to?"

POWELL: "I mainly escorted my son and his brand new wife, actually introduced them to General Mattis." 

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