Amy Klobuchar: I Don’t Think We Need a Socialist Leading the Ticket

‘I wouldn’t kick 149 million Americans off their current insurance in four years’


KLOBUCHAR: "I have spent a lot of time — I’m the only one on that stage that when asked 'Do you think a socialist should be leading the ticket, do you have trouble with that?' when George Stephanopoulos asked that question, I’m the only one that raised my hand and said, 'Yes.' So I have focused on as well — even though Bernie and I are friends, we came in together, I just don’t agree with him on a lot of things. I wouldn’t kick 149 million Americans off their current insurance in four years. So if you look back at the debates, that has been my focus. As far as the mayor, I have a lot of respect for him and his military experience and what he has done, but again, I have something else to offer. As I like to tease him, 59 is the new 38. I am a fresh face, but I have also been able to get things done in Washington, D.C., and that gridlock and I have won. It’s not just talking points.“

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