Tom Perez: Trump Is the Most Dangerous President in American History

‘It’s about defeating Donald Trump’


PEREZ: "Everyone who’s running for president has taken a very enthusiastic pledge to support the winner. And they’ve done that because they know it’s not about them. It’s about defeating Donald Trump. It’s about talking about health care. It’s about talking about the issues that matter most. Go back to 2008. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, that was a heavyweight prize fight. And we came together after that very, very spirited primary season because we understood back then, and we understand now that this is the most dangerous president in American history. I don’t have an iota of doubt that our party will come together around whoever our standard-bearer is and that we will be talking relentlessly about health care, about people with pre-existing conditions, about bringing down the cost of prescription drugs, about the broken promises of this president and his assaults on our democracy."

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