Mark Steyn: Dems Who Are Praising ‘St. Mitt’ Today Were Also the Ones Destroying His Name in the Past

‘None of those people defended Mitt against Harry Reid’


STEYN: “Absolutely. Last time around they denounced him for putting his dog on the roof and driving the dog to Canada. This time the dog can’t get on the roof because Chris Matthews and Chris Cuomo are all on the roof of Romney’s car saying drive us anywhere you like we love you. And one thing, that was a pretty exhaustive category. The one thing you didn’t mention is that Harry Reid, then without any evidence whatsoever, said Romney never paid his taxes. And none of these Democrats in media who are few defending saint Mitt as the greatest thing ever as the one who has had the polling conversion and heard the voice of God ringing in his ears telling — God telling Mitt to impeach and convict Trump, none of those people defended Mitt against Harry Reid. Mitt is the reason we have Trump. Because Mitt was called everything that Trump is called. Racist, sexist, binders full of women. Doesn’t pay his taxes.”

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