Kilmeade Gushes About Rush Limbaugh’s Medal of Freedom, Doesn’t ‘Remember Derogatory Terms Toward African Americans’

‘Can we keep our powder dry, maybe hope for the best?’


KILMEADE: "I listen to Rush early and often. I never remember derogatory terms towards African-Americans, number one. Number two, he is the most conversational, approachable, superstar, which he is. Best in the business. And for somebody that does this, I’m kind of doing it now, I’m in awe of what he did. What he has been able to accomplish. Every show seems like his first, every day. And every time a caller calls in, he gives them time. He lets them go. He understands where they’re coming from. And did you hear his remarks when he announced he has advanced lung cancer? He said I didn’t want to burden you. I didn’t want to upset you. I feel like I’m letting you down. He's got about nine million to 20 million listeners. He is talking to one. And that's his brilliance. He has that relationship with his audience. That's why he deserves this prestigious honor, maybe as much, if not more than Ellen who got it from President Obama."

(Via Mediaite)

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