Sen. Harris: Framers Didn’t Think Someone Like Me Would Serve as Senator, They Did Envision Someone Like Trump Being President

‘They did envision someone like Donald Trump being President of the United States, someone who thinks he is above the law’


HARRIS: "Mr. President, when the Framers wrote the Constitution, they didn't think someone like me would serve as a United States senator. But they did envision someone like Donald Trump being president of the United States. Someone who thinks he is above the law and that rules don't apply to him. So they made sure our democracy had the tool of impeachment to stop that kind of abuse of power. The House managers have clearly laid out a compelling case and evidence of Donald Trump's misconduct. They have shown that the president of the United States of America withheld military aid and a coveted White House meeting for his political gain. He wanted a foreign country to announce — not actually conduct, announce an investigation into his political rivals, and then he refused to comply with congressional investigations into his misconduct. And unfortunately, a majority of the United States senators, even those who concede that what Donald Trump did was wrong, are nonetheless going to refuse to hold him accountable. The Senate trial of Donald Trump has been a miscarriage of justice.”

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