Tom Steyer: Farm to Table Eating at Schools Is What Makes Me ‘Believe in God’

‘Mr. Trump does not know what prosperity looks like’


STEYER: “People sometimes ask me — today is Sunday — people sometimes ask me if I believe in God, and I do believe in God. But when people ask me, I say ‘You know, the closest I have ever been to God is on a sunny day in southern California, San Ysidro, right by the Mexican border in a school that’s over 90 percent free and reduced lunches watching eight-year-old kid, watching this one Latino kid with big ears eat a fish taco with a big smile on a sunny day.’ That was California food for California kids. Farm to table. Healthy food for a poor kid so he’d have a different life. (Applause) That’s what I — we’re talking about are we investing in each other’s success across society? Is this the — Mr. Trump doesn’t know what prosperity looks like. Prosperity looks like successful, healthy, educated American citizens.” (Applause)

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