Rep. King: Terrorism in Africa Poses Imminent Threat to U.S.

‘We would be foolish to turn our backs on the imminent and growing threat posed by terror groups operating in Africa’

Subcommittee Hearing: Terrorism in Africa: The Imminent Threat to the United States (Committee on Homeland Security)

“We are ever mindful of the continuing threat to our nation from terrorist groups originating in the Middle East and Afghanistan—in particular the Islamic State of Iraq and the Syria (ISIS) and al-Qaeda. While our nation must continue to address the longstanding danger posed by  these groups, we must also focus on the imminent and growing threat posed by their affiliates operating in Africa. In recent months, we have seen Africa-based Islamist terrorist groups perpetrate numerous acts of violence against innocent people. As Islamist jihadi groups extend their influence in Africa, they are increasingly calling for more attacks on U.S. and Western interests, including attacks on the U.S. Homeland. As we fight ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq, we cannot afford to ignore their allies and affiliates in Africa. This hearing will examine the terrorist threat from groups across Africa and assess what more must be done do to protect our citizens and prevent another terrorist attack in the United States.”  

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