Hannity: ‘Fact-Free, Partisan Impeachment Sham’ Will Go Down as One of the ‘Single Most Embarrassing’ Dem ‘Blunders of All Time’

‘The final vote to acquit the President is now inevitable’


HANNITY: Welcome to the big breaking news addition of “Hannity,” hello Miami! We begin tonight a Fox News alert and tonight the witch hunt the Schumer shift sham show, it is thankfully for the sick of the country, the united state senator denied the Democrats latest witness and the final vote to acquit the President is now inevitable and will take place and know we expect 4:00 P.M. Wednesday afternoon and the country can now hopefully finally move on from the fact free, partisan impeachment sham that will go down in history as one of the biggest and single most embarrassing Democratic blunders of all time. Now, this three year long and never ending temper tantrum, it will be over Wednesday, the damage to the country as of tonight incalculable.”

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