MSNBC’s Tur: Trump’s Packed Speech in Iowa Was in ‘Stark Contrast from What We’ve Seen with Democrats

‘I will tell you this, 7,000 people inside that arena, we couldn’t even get in’


TUR: “Then he frankly was dishonest about his record on health care, saying that he is protecting pre-existing conditions when he has not. He claimed that he signed a bill to end surprise medical billing. He signed an Executive Order about some medical billing in hospitals, but he hasn’t signed a bill about surprise medical billing. That hasn’t even passed the House yet. So this was predictable, it was the same Trump. But I will tell you this. 7,000 people inside that arena, we couldn’t even get in, it was so packed, the fire marshal shut it down. That’s in stark contrast to what we’re seeing from the Democrats so far in Iowa. We will see what happens, though, as the campaign drags on."

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