Jeremy Bash: Trump Defenders Are Saying that Giving Away ‘Nuclear Codes to Russia’ Is Not Impeachable

‘I don’t know anyone who would accept American president giving away nuclear secrets to an adversary’


BASH: "In fact, they’re going a step farther and they’re saying that going forward is perfectly okay for this president or any candidate for office to accept foreign support in an American election, and that not only obviously creates a owing relationship, an indebted relationship between a president and a foreign power, which is intolerable from the optic of national security, but it undermines the will of the American voter, which is foundational to our democracy. Just to go one step further, Mika, the way Alan Dershowitz and Pat Philbin and the president's legal team argued this is that a president can do anything as long as it’s not a clear violation of our statute. He could give away the nuclear codes to the Russian Federation and that would not be an impeachable offense because it's somehow the conduct of foreign policy. I don’t know anyone who would accept an American president giving away our nuclear secrets to an adversary nation."

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