Sen. Cruz: ‘If We Call John Bolton, I Promise You We’re Calling Hunter Biden Too’

‘We are going to be fair to both sides’

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CRUZ: "Chuck Schumer had said to the press, 'Well, I don't think the Republicans have the votes to call Hunter Biden.' That really speaks volumes how desperate Democrats are to block Hunter Biden. Let me tell you, Chuck's wrong on that. I don't know if we'll call additional witnesses in addition to the 17 witnesses who already voted in the House proceedings. I don't know on Friday if there will be 51 votes to call yet more witnesses. But I'm confident of this: If there are additional witnesses, if the Democrats get their wish to call John Bolton as the 18th witness in this matter, I am confident we're not going to do the kind of one-sided partisan show that the House did. We're going to be fair to both sides, which means if we call John Bolton, I promise you we're calling Hunter Biden, too."         

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