Tucker Carlson: Impeachment Trial Is the World’s Dullest, Fraudulent Exercise in Partisan Politics

‘The question is why has this been so boring? Well, because it doesn’t mean anything’


CARLSON: “We want to begin this evening with an update on the world’s dullest impeachment trial. It's ongoing right now, as you can see on the screen. If something significant happens, obviously, we'll bring it to you right away. But the question is why has this been so boring? Well, because it doesn’t mean anything. Rather than a debate over things that matter, you are watching purported adults yell at each other about whether a former vice president’s ne’er-do-well middle-age son should interrupt his early retirement in L.A. and come talk to them. Honestly? Who cares. Whatever. But for once, we do have a semi-interesting development tonight. Apparently some Democratic senators are now considering casting votes to acquit Donald Trump.”

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