Dana Perino: Dems Attack Bernie Sanders on His Health Because They Don’t Want a Debate of Ideas with Him

‘Mostly because a lot of them have a ready adopted Bernie Sanders’ ideas from before’


PERINO: “Seems like they do not want to meet him on the battlefield of ideas. And policies but mostly because a lot of them have a ready adopted Bernie Sanders’ ideas from before. Elizabeth Warren, I do not mind campaigns going after each other. The Democrats I think are trying to be too nice but they have to draw distinctions and let us know who they think is going to be the best one and we might not have a clear picture in Iowa, but if Bernie Sanders has been having a surge, his rise has been steady and durable whereas others like Elizabeth Warren, she has risen and fallen with the music cycle. She recently deployed some of her circus that Bernie Sanders supporters are being mean to her. Mike Bloomberg is attacking him for being too far left and being against Israel. Even the Club for Growth going after Bernie Sanders for being too far to left. That’s a conservative Republican leading group, they are trying to pop up Bernie Sanders’ numbers going after him, that’s a page out of the Claire McCaskill playbook. Because as 41, George W. Bush said, once you have the big Mo, momentum, it’s hard to stop.”

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