Joe Concha: Rick Wilson’s ‘Smugness’ and ‘Condescension’ Shows What Many in the Media Think of Trump Supporters

‘That shows what many people in media, not all, certainly, but many think of Trump supporters’


CONCHA: "That’s basically the case here, right? Here’s the thing. If Don Lemon had to address it last night, why didn’t he address it on Sunday? Remember, that clip was from Saturday. Sunday, or Monday, or all of Tuesday. He has a Twitter account last I checked, he had a show on Monday night. He is only saying this now because the President called him out and then other people as well have gone on and this thing really went viral. I go to Bob Woodward. Bob Woodward is writing another book. The President thinks so much of him that now he is giving him full access. And Woodward is a great journalist. He said this right after Trump was elected. He said, 'I worry for the business, for the perception of the business. Not just Trump supporters. They see that smugness.' And that’s the word. It’s not so much the criticism of Trump. And you want to hit him on policy, that’s fine. It’s the smugness and the condescension that we see from so many people in this business."

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