Chuck Todd Calls Out Trump Team’s ‘Fear’ of Bolton Testimony: They Are ‘Begging, Screaming’ at Senators

‘It was almost begging, screaming, yelling at those Republican senators’


TODD: "It did. It felt like Jay Sekulow's job today was almost pleading, begging Republican senators not to ask for Bolton's testimony. I mean, he was so dismissive but yet kept talking about it, which tells you they seem to be nervous that they're losing this argument. I wrote down a few of the statements he said. Maybe it's in someone's book, or are we really going to impeach somebody based on an excerpt in The New York Times? It was — it was almost begging, screaming, yelling at those Republican senators, don't do this — don't go down this Bolton road. And the question I have is was it effective or was there a point it came across as almost you doth protest too much? What are you afraid of here? At the end of the day, if your argument is this doesn't meet an impeachment standard, that even if you look at everything the Democrats allege, even if you take what Bolton said, so if that is their stance, then at the end of the day why are they afraid of Bolton testimony? That was what struck me, it was that they kept — he kept coming back to it, he kept sounding alarmist. It seemed to me it was just masked in fear of Bolton, a fear of this Bolton testimony."

(Via Mediaite)

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