Baltimore Reverend: Violence ‘Symptom of Deeper Problems’ Like Jobs, Housing

‘We’re talking about a community of hurting people’

WAGNER: “Pastor Scott, let me ask you, in terms of the crowd yesterday and the crowd today, just in the images that we’ve been seeing this afternoon, it looks like maybe a slightly older crowd, a more multi-racial crowd. What have you been seeing and what can you tell us about the folks who are demanding change today?”
SCOTT: “I’m able to speak to the folks demanding change yesterday. I stood with the nation of Islam and reverend brown and minister Carlos Muhammad and we stood as a human chain, in between — we were maced yesterday. We stood in between a crowd of people who have been broken and hurt, behind the police line was a burning CVS. Behind us was young people and old people who were throwing rocks and calling names. Like my son was killed by the police. We need jobs. We we’re talking about poor housing, poor schools, and jobs. We have 100% vacant and boarded up houses. We have a community of hurting people." 
WAGNER: "Let me follow up on that, though. One of the reasons why people are — the epithets have been thrown around and it has not been characterized as an uprising, at least last night, was because of the violence and the looting. Do you think that’s going to be a part of protests going forward?" 
SCOTT: "Well, it’s not an issue of violence. That’s a symptom of deeper problems. We want to focus on the looting or violence. You’re talking about a community since 2012, we have had five black men in this city to die at the hands of the Baltimore city police department and no one has went to jail. That’s the greater issue. In 2012, we had Anthony Anderson. In 2013, we had Tyrone west. Then in 2014, we had a young man by the name of Shawn Dean who was shot to death by the Baltimore city police. And this evening we stand here on behalf of Freddie gray Jr. So we’re talking about a community of hurting people.”

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