Robert Ray: Announcement of Investigation By Ukraine Doesn’t Equate to Campaign Contribution

‘The president’s response to this inter branch dispute between Congress was to exert his authority over foreign policy’


RAY: “The argument by chairman Jerry Nadler that this call represented a quote extortion demand is ridiculous. No pressure was exercised or exerted during the call. Ukrainian officials have denied that any such pressure existed. In deed to the contrary, the evidence strongly suggest Ukraine was perfectly capable of resisting any efforts to entangle itself in United States domestic party Politics and partisanship. What then remains of the first article of impeachment? No crimes were committed. What exactly is left it’s not treason. Ukraine is our ally, not our enemy or adversary is Russia is not our enemy, only our adversary. It’s not bribery. There’s no quid pro quo. It’s not extortion, no pressure. It’s not an illegal foreign campaign contribution. The benefit of the announcement of an investigation is not tangible enough to constitute an inkind campaign contribution warranting prosecution under federal law. The U.S. Government accountability office has decided contrary to the position of the executive branch office of management and budget that while the president may temporaily withhold funds me may not do so with policy priorities contrary to the will op Congress. The president’s response to this interbranch dispute between Congress was to exert his authority over foreign policy po determine the timing of the best use of funds. The president will comply with the Constitution’s faithful execution of the law requirement of his oath of office. This issue has come up before with other presidents.”

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