Sen. Sherrod Brown: ‘Spineless’ Republicans Are Too Scared of Trump to Support Calling Witnesses

‘A few said Trump’s a racist, they’re all afraid of him’


BROWN: “Of course, Erin. You know that’s just the newest excuse they’ve now found to say no. I mean, Donald Trump doesn’t want witnesses. Therefore — and new information and documentation. Therefore, Mitch McConnell, who is Donald Trump’s lap dog, doesn’t want information and witnesses. Therefore, 52 other relatively spineless Republicans don’t want witnesses, don’t want information. They’re scared. I talk to Republicans all the time quietly, individually. Many of them tell me that Trump’s a liar. A few said Trump’s a racist. But they’re all afraid of him. They’re afraid he’ll campaign against them in their state. They’re afraid he’ll attach a nasty nickname to them. In this chamber, it’s little like the Iraq War when I was in the House 15 years ago. Fear does the business. Republicans are afraid of what Donald Trump will do.”

(Via Mediaite)

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