Rep. Sylvia Garcia: ‘The Allegations Against VP Biden Are Groundless’

‘So there is no comparison, none at all between what he did and the President Trump’s abuse of power’


GARCIA: "In short, the allegations against Vice President Biden are groundless, and so there is no comparison, none at all, between what he did and the President Trump’s abuse of power. Now, let’s turn to the third point. Part of the allegation against former Vice President Biden is that he pushed for the corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor’s removal in order to protect his son from the investigation. In fact, the President’s claim about being concerned about corruption, Ukraine has recently emphasized this component of the theory, that the President wanted Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden’s work on the board of Burisma, not the former vice president. This too is false, simply false. You need look no further than the July 25 call, and the President’s own statements to see that the President wanted the Ukrainians to investigate Vice President Biden.”

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