Scarborough Predicts ‘Political Oblivion’ for GOP Senators ‘Rigging the Process’ for Trump

‘North Carolina voters will know the process is rigged’


SCARBOROUGH: "You know, Mike Barnicle, the question has been raised a couple of times around the table, where do they go? Where does Gardner go? Where does Joni Ernst go? They go where I went. I went to the voters. If I was voting against a Republican position, if I was pushing the Republican speaker of the House out of town, I mean, out of Washington, D.C., and out of his position, I went to the voters. I had town hall meetings. I explained why, and I get 80, 81 percent of the vote in Republican primary contests, and — and won all of my contests easily, because when I had to make a tough choice, I went to the voters and I explained to my base why. And you know what they said every time? OK. That makes sense, Joe. OK. Well, we didn’t like you actually running Newt Gingrich running out of town, but we get it. OK. You’ve explained. So where do you go? You don’t have to grab hold to Donald Trump’s coattails as he’s dragging you over the cliff into political oblivion and yet I’ve not seen a single Republican willing to trust their voters, willing to trust the base by simply telling them the truth."

(h/t Contemptor)

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