‘Progressive’ Wolf Blitzer Praises Jane Fonda, Marie Harf

‘Can you believe that I’m here with Jane Fonda?’

'Progressive' Wolf Blitzer Praises Jane Fonda, Marie Harf (NewsBusters)

CNN's Wolf Blitzer brought liberal actress Jane Fonda and Obama administration flack Marie Harf as his guests to Saturday's White House Correspondents Dinner. Blitzer gushed over Fonda and Harf during a live interview with colleague Brianna Keilar: "It doesn't get any better than Jane Fonda....Can you believe that I'm here with Jane Fonda? And Marie Harf, acting spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department – how cool is that?"

Harf also sang the praises of the actress, and the two disclosed that they had taken "selfies" during the car ride over the dinner: "I was looking forward to meeting Jane Fonda, so that was really a dream come true....We've already done selfies in the car."

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