Tapper Hits GOP Senators Creating ‘Alternate Reality’: Acting Like Trump’s ‘Truly Concerned About Corruption’

‘This is the only instance we know of he has ever asked about corruption’


KING: “The Republicans had been in charge of the Senate from 2015 until today. If they wanted to call Hunter Biden for some oversight hearing, they had the right in the House for six years and they didn’t do it, and they had the right in the Senate right now."
TAPPER: "That’s because in order to defend the President’s conduct, a lot of these individuals, since they are not willing to say, 'Look, what the President did was wrong, I just don’t think it’s impeachable, I just don't think it should rise to the level,' they are not willing to say that for whatever reason, they have to create this alternate reality. This alternate reality where President Trump is truly concerned about corruption, even though this is the only instance that we know of where he has ever asked about corruption, even though in the rough transcript the word 'corruption' does not come up. You have to create this alternate reality, and that's one of the things we see from these Republican senators."

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