Andy Biggs on Mexico Sending Migrants Back to Honduras: ‘It’s a Big Win for the U.S.’

‘President Trump, his diplomacy with the Mexican president has been paying off’


VARNEY: "Andy Biggs is with us, Republican Congressman from the border state of Arizona. So it looks to me like President Trump has pushed the Mexican authorities to doing something about these immigrants on their southern border. I call that a win for President Trump."
BIGGS: "Yeah, it’s a big win. It’s a big win for the U.S. and President Trump, his diplomacy with the Mexican president has been — has been paying off. I mean, they’ve had stationed at both borders now for quite some time, Stuart, the National Guard for Mexico, and what you saw yesterday and the last couple days, actually, in Honduras, caravan forming up, they were coming up and the Mexican government, they actually took action.”

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