Obama Admin. Warned Families of Hostages They’d Be Prosecuted for Cutting Deals

‘These folks talking to us had no idea what it was like to be the family of a kidnapped American’

ROSS: [Foley's parents] asked us not to use the name of the official the foleys say made the threat." 
FOLEY: "These folks talking to us had no idea what it was like to be the family of a kidnapped American." 
ROSS: "Since August, six Americans held hostage have been killed. The family of the most recent victim Warren Weinstein did make an unsuccessful ransom payment of $250,000 according to people familiar with the arrangement but the families of other victims say they too were threatened with prosecution if they paid ransom." 
VOSS: "I think it was a horrible thing to do to the families. I think it was a mistake." 
ROSS: 'Now three U.S. Officials say that mistake will not be repeated under recommendations contained in an ongoing White House review of U.S. Hostage policy. There will be absolutely zero chance said one official of any family member of an American held hostage overseas ever facing jail themselves or even the threat of prosecution for trying to free their loved ones." 
CLOONAN: "This is a good thing. We often hear the phrase all options on the table. Ransom is no different." 
ROSS: "Forme agent jack Cloonan helps negotiate for the release of hostages and says some of the U.S. Hostages might still be alive if ransom had been permitted." 
CLOONAN: "Not allowing that discussion about ransom to go forward was a mistake. You can reach an agreement even with a group as despicable as ISIS is." 
ROSS: "To be clear, the U.S. Government policy that it will not pay ransom or make concessions would not change in the belief that it could lead to more Americans being taken hostage but if President Obama approves these recommendations, families or employers who try to raise ransom will no longer be threatened with prosecution."

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