Sen. Menendez: ‘We’re Looking for Critical Witnesses that Can Shed Light on Some of the Essential Elements’ of the Impeachment Articles

‘We are not looking for a lot of witnesses’


TAPPER: "Do you really think Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is going to allow witnesses?"

MENENDEZ: "Well, I don’t think that, left to his own volition, he will allow witnesses, but the question will be whether several of my Republican colleagues who say that they express an interest and a desire to see witnesses, whether they'll vote that way. If they do, then there will be witnesses. And the only way that we don’t have witnesses is if the Republican senators, at least a few of them, don’t join us to have certain critical witnesses. We are not looking for a lot of witnesses. We're looking for critical witnesses that can shed light on some of the essential elements of the House’s impeachment articles."

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