Stirewalt: Impeachment a Microcosm of How Washington Works

‘Impeachment is a great microcosm for why Americans should be skeptical of Washington’


STIREWALT: "Votes are votes are votes are votes. And with a very united Republican Party — both parties are very united in this. But with the parties united and the Republicans sitting on a majority in the Senate, the idea that we were ever going to get to a super majority of the Senate to vote to impeach the President barring, again, some other revelation was a nonstarter. Now, the House, you can — it’s defensible for the House to say that regardless of the outcome at the trial, they felt obliged to do what they did. Fine. Only in Washington, only in this city could you have weeks and weeks and weeks of jaw-boning and wrangling and all of this palaver over essentially how to dispose of a thing that everybody knows is going to be disposed of. If you want to know how stupid our Congress — the way our Congress works is, this has been just a great microcosm for why Americans should be very skeptical of how Washington works and how the Congress works."

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