Jim Jordan: ‘If They Go to Witnesses You’re Going to Have to Have Both Sides’

‘We would love to hear from the whistleblower’


JORDAN: “You can't go to the Senate and say, oh, we're only going to let the Democrats get the witnesses they want. I hope they don't do that. Again, all the facts are on the President's side, I hope they dismiss this and we get an acquittal right away. But if they go to witnesses, you're going to have to have both sides, and we would love to hear from the whistleblower. Remember, 435 members of the House, only one member, Adam Schiff, only one member knows who the whistleblower is, only one member of the staff that had talked to the whistleblower, and yet that's the individual who's put our country through four months of this. So if you're going to have witnesses, you're going to have to open it up for both sides and have a real, fair process at that point."

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