Hirono: McConnell Tries to Make Us Look the Other Way to Cover Up Trump’s ‘Bribe’

‘We should look at what the president did and decide whether it’s impeachable’


HIRONO: "I think there are certain senators who are facing tough re-elections that probably care  what their own constituents are saying. But I think that the bottom line is that the majority of the American people understand that a trial should have witnesses, and relevant witnesses and relevant documents. And I think everyone in all fairness would agree with that. And for Mitch to continue to obfuscate that question by throwing out all kinds of other things so that we’re not focused on what the trial is all about, by the way, which is, is it okay for the president of the United States to shake down the president of another country to do his political bidding using almost $400 million of our taxpayer money as a bribe? That is what the trial is supposed to be focusing on. And Mitch keeps trying to make us look the other way. It's important for us not to look the other way. We should look at what the President did and decide whether it’s impeachable. I’m waiting for the President to mount his defense. And I hope his defense is going to be more than what he’s been saying this is a witch hunt or basically the Mulvaney, 'get over it, I did it, so what' defense. I hope his defense is going to be more than that."

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