Rep. Moulton: Killing Soleimani Was ‘Not a Smart Strategic Move’ for the U.S.

‘I am glad that he’s dead’


MOULTON: "Look, I'm someone who fought Iranians on the ground in Iraq. Soleimani is an evil man, he's got American blood on his hands. I'm glad that he's dead, but it was not a smart strategic move for the United States. We've had to stop our counter-ISIS campaign in Iraq because the troops are hunkering down just waiting for Iran's retaliation. We have not advanced the Administration's stated goals with their Iran policy to deter regional aggression, it's increasing, to stop their nuclear weapons program, they've restarted it. And to bring Iran to the negotiating table, they've never been farther away. So you just can't look at the Administration's own criteria, their own policy goals for Iran and say that this has been successful."

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