McConnell: Senate Impeachment Trial Likely to Start Next Tuesday

‘If you look at the House product, you really have to wonder what the definition of a fair trial is’


REPORTER 5: "And would the White House be able to block those witnesses?"

MCCONNELL: "51 senators will decide who to call. After that, who knows who will employ what kind of legal devices. I have no idea. So in spite of your very best efforts to fast forward this to that moment, we can’t go there yet. So we’ll just have to wait and see what the feeling of the Senate is after listening to the arguments and the period of written questions."

REPORTER 6: "When are you going to debate? When are you going to deal with what the resolution will look like?"

MCCONNELL: "Well, I think that would come up appropriately next Tuesday. And that's when the vote would occur. That is, assuming we’re on trial next Tuesday, and I think that’s that case."

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