MSNBC’s Figliuzzi: Russians Hacking Burisma Because ‘They Fear Biden’

‘Russia not only does not fear Trump but is aligned with him and supportive of him’


FIGLIUZZI: “We’ve reached a fascinating place in our history, where our adversary is speaking for our president in foreign relations and our foreign policy is essentially dictated by an adversary. So if you take that in context with this current hacking event at Burisma, you’ve got to draw the conclusion that number one, Russia not only does not fear Trump but is aligned with him and supportive of him. Number two, they don’t think there will be any repercussions or reprisals. Number three, they fear Biden as an opponent to -- to President Trump as a candidate. They -- and by the way, the minute the polls change and some other Democratic candidate becomes the front-runner, you’ll see them go after that person as well. So we've got to get much more offensive as a matter of cyber policy, stand up the whole of government effort to protect the election, get offensive when we see the Russian GRU and their signatures and their hacking attempts. We've got to stop them at every turn. And our policy has not caught up with our reality."

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