Schumer: In Something as Sacred and Profound as an Impeachment, We Need the Truth

‘We will not rest until we get the truth’


SCHUMER: "You heard what Mitch McConnell said. He’ll listen to whatever Donald Trump wants. One thing we seem to know, Joy, Donald Trump does not want the truth to come out. If he was so sure he was right, he would have said to us, 'Have the witnesses. Have the documents. They’ll tell the truth.' But he’s afraid of the truth. But in something as sacred and profound as an impeachment, we need the truth. There have been 16 impeachment trials, 2 for president, 14 for other things in the history of this republic. In only one was there in witnesses and that’s because they stopped it before that would happen. Every other trial has had witnesses. Every other trial has had documents. How can you run — the common sense, how do you run a trial with no witnesses and documents, no evidence? That’s what McConnell wants."

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