Steyer: ‘A Woman Can Win the Presidency,’ Hillary Got 3 Million More Votes than Trump

‘Obviously Hallie, I wasn’t in the room but let me tell you this, a woman can win the presidency’


JACKSON: "I want to follow-up on that and ask about something else. And I don’t want to belabor this Sanders/Warren thing, but I have to ask you who you believe in this. This is a he said/she said between these two on whether a woman can win the presidency. Do you believe Bernie Sanders or do you believe Elizabeth Warren?"
STEYER: "Obviously, Hallie, I wasn’t in the room and I don't know what happened, but what I do believe is this. A woman can win the presidency. Mrs. Clinton got 3 million more votes than Donald Trump did in 2016. Any of the women on stage, either of the women on stage, if they're the candidate, I'll support them and they'll beat Donald Trump."

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