CNN’s Ron Brownstein Highlights the $60 Trillion Price Tag of Sen. Sanders’ Plans

‘We’re talking about doubling the size of the federal government’


BROWNSTEIN: "Right. There’s been almost no discussion about the full magnitude of Senator Sanders' agenda that he is proposing. And to the extent there has been, it’s been about Medicare-for-all. But the rest of his agenda, the best estimates are the rest of his agenda would cost at least as much as Medicare-for-all, which would put the price tag for the entire set of proposals that he’s put out at about $60 trillion over a decade. That is equal to the total expected federal spending over the next decade. So we’re talking about doubling the size of the federal government. Measured as a share of the economy, Poppy, he is proposing spending increases 30 times as large as Hillary Clinton ran on in 2016, 15 times as large as Obama ran on in 2008, and 2 1/2 times as large as McGovern in ‘72 or the actual increase in New Deal spending according to an historical analysis of these other programs by Larry Summers, who was the top economic adviser to the Obama, Treasury Secretary for Clinton.”

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