David Jolly: ‘Nancy Pelosi Outplayed’ Mitch McConnell

‘McConnell lost that iron grip of his caucus around this’


JOLLY: “A motion to dismiss will be the Senate receives articles and then there will be a conservative senator who wants to move a motion to say, 'We’re not even having the trial, we’re going to dismiss it.' Roy Blunt, number four senator in the U.S. Senate came out and said, 'There’s no way we can get 51 Republicans to vote for that.' Good, there shouldn’t be. The question is will there even be a loyalty test vote? Does Donald Trump want to see that vote, motion to dismiss, and does conservative media want to be able to score card who is with the president in dismissing the trial or not? The converse is, does the President want to lose that vote? Because he will lose that vote. None of this spotlight would have happened if the House had not withheld the articles. A month ago, Mitch McConnell wanted to move very quickly and be done in two weeks. He doesn’t have that option now. Nancy Pelosi outplayed him in this moment."

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