Cruz: If Dems Get to Call Bolton, the President Should Be Able to Call Hunter Biden

‘That’s going to be, as I said, a hotly debated question within the Senate’


CRUZ: "The President has a legal team. It's led by the White House Counsel, Pat Cipollone. Pat and his team of lawyers will be there on the floor of the Senate. They will be able to present opening arguments, they will be able to present evidence, they will be able to call witnesses if they choose. And it’s one of the things — you know, there’s all this discussion about witnesses. One of the important things to remember, it’s not the Senate that chooses to call witnesses. It is the prosecution or the defense, typically, that says — you know, Pat Cipollone stands up and says, 'The President calls Hunter Biden to the witness stand.' At that point the Senate decides, will we allow you to do that? But it’s the initial decision of the lawyers prosecuting and defending the case. It’ll be be the White House defense team in consultation with the President making those decisions."

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