Doocy: Outrage Over Vince Vaughn Meeting Trump Suggests America’s on Brink of Civil War

‘Who wouldn’t talk to [the president]” if given the chance?’


DOOCY: “Right. That’s the problem with the United States right now, as we take a look at Marc Thiessen, what he said. He said, ‘OMG, oh my goodness, the humanity! This is terrible! We must all now hate Vince Vaughn. You would have done great under Stalin.’ Brian, every think you are absolutely right. If you are in the same box at an event or something like that and the president is right over there or you’re sitting next to him, who wouldn’t talk to him? And nobody has hired lip readers to figure out what he said to the president. We’ll don’t know if it was positive. We don’t know if he was critical. But unless America talks to the other side and we can just talk to each other, this is going to be a country — they might as well just split the country right in half right down the Mississippi.”
KILMEADE: “Tried that once.”
DOOCY: “They did.” 

(via Mediaite

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