Rep. Jeffries: ‘Unacceptable’ for Trump To Be Soliciting Foreign Interference in 2020 Election

‘There’s a case to be made to the Senate’


JEFFRIES: "From the very beginning of this process, we’ve indicated given the nature of the extraordinary charges that were leveled and we believe proved in the House as relates to the President, that we need to be serious, solemn, sober in undertaking this moment of presidential accountability, and we need to continue that as we move over to the Senate. That’s first and foremost. But secondarily, we also are going to continue to follow the facts, apply the law, be guided by the Constitution and simply present the truth to the American people. And as long as we continue to do that, yes, there’s a case to be made to the Senate, but ultimately the American people are equally significant in terms of being the decision-makers as to whether the president engaged in wrongdoing or not, and poll after poll has made clear they believe that the president did something wrong by soliciting foreign interference in a 2020 election. That’s unacceptable."

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